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We provide HR Directions with guidance for their strategic transformation programs and integration of HRIS Solutions, with high level Expertise thanks to our major Partnerships

HRMS is 25 years old

Founded in 1995, HRMS Consulting has won more than 300 HR & HRIS transformation projects.

We scale internationally

Thanks to our presence in 9 countries, on 3 Continents, we are the perfect HR Consulting company for your international projects.

we are part of mantu

Mantu and its 8500 employees through 60 countries allow us to scale quickly to achieve your projects.

HRMS is 25 years old

HRMS Consulting takes care of HR & HRIS projects since 1995

25 years of history : we participate in the transformation projects of our clients since 1995
We scale internationally : we are present in 12 offices, 9 countries and 3 continents, and more to come !
We are part of Mantu : Mantu is an independent global player with more than 8500 Talents that provide guidance and services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

key figure

25 years

Key figure

+250 clients


We are Integration Partners for HRIS solutions, main leader of the HRIS market

Our Expertise has led us to be Official Integration Partner of Major HRIS Solutions, providing full Implementation Projects or HR Advisory.


We guide you in your Strategic HR projects

Beyond the integration of your HRIS solutions, HRMS Consulting provides you with guidance to develop your HR strategies, automate your HR systems and maintain them in the long run.


We work with innovative partners

Technological watch is one of the key activities of our Experts. It allows us to advise our clients in chosing the solutions perfectly matching their needs, and then to integrate them into HRIS ecosystems.


Unlock your workforce’s potential and personalize the experience offered to your employees thanks to 365Talents. The power of AI applied to your HR data enables you to detect and manage skills everywhere they are within your company.


Applaud’s layer is designed to support your existing HR services, uniting your existing HR technologies to deliver one simple and unified workforce experience.


Regional HRM solution for Southeast Asia, Cadena will empower your HR Strategy providing you with a full HRIS suite.


Lucca creates HR software solutions that provide simple answers to your specific needs. Leave and absence, expense reports, dematerialization of HR files, online payslip distribution and time-tracking : you will find all of that in Lucca !


Recruit, develop and retain high performing teams with PageUp: software that puts people at the heart of your business.


Signavio offers a powerful, integrated platform that helps you quickly realign your organization and bring changes to life at an accelerated rate. It exists to support the core of your business: the processes that you carry out every day.

Serious Factory

Design innovative and fun learning experiences for real-life learning. Quickly and easily create training modules to develop skills through an engaging and memorable approach.

HRMS is part of Mantu Group

Mantu is an international consulting platform providing guidance and services to businesses and entrepreneurs. It has more than 7,000 people from 95 different nationalities, spread across 5 continents and 60 countries.
Mantu stands beside businesses and entrepreneurs to help them fulfil their dreams, achieve their ambitions and materialise their projects. Mantu bolsters their growth, enables their development and supports their transformation.

At Mantu, we believe in running a sustainable and responsible business. 

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Join an HR & HRIS Consulting company where you will be able to release your full potential

HRMS Consulting will provide you with the work environment you need to evolve in HR & HRIS consulting, in a benevolent context where each employee evolution is a priority. 

You will find the autonomy and responsibility level that you are looking for, with the help of our Managers and Senior Consultants. 

International projects and opportunities are also a main components of your Career at HRMS Consulting / Mantu.

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HRMS Consulting and Amaris Consulting are joining forces !

We are proud to share that HRMS Consulting has officially become one of Amaris’ Centers of Excellence.
Moving forward, we will be known as Amaris ACT: “Advanced Corporate Transformation”.