HRMS eFile is a 100% File Management system that is built on PeopleTools technology.

HRMS eFile is designed as a Document Management System to allow organizations easily store employees’ documents and letters and retrieve them as needed. This can increase the productivity of organizations since it would allow business processes to be carried out quickly and more efficiently.

 It provides the flexibility to have several document types and stored into a document category and document sub category.

 Storing and retrieving files in HRMS eFile is also more secure. It has the access security option to determine who can access, view, and delete employee’s documents.

 Centralized file management will help organizations to maintain and manage all employee’s documents and letters in a single application within PeopleSoft HR system. They will not only save on the cost of cumbersome paper-based systems, but they will also save valuable time and physical space in their office.

 As an extension to PeopleSoft HCM, HRMS eLeave will integrate employee data which helps HR to easily manage employee’s documents in a single application.

 Workforce Administration to provide Employee Data, Job Data and Employment Data for the integration.