Workday provides an entire suite of global applications for your enterprise -from HR to Finance- all delivered in the cloud, all designed for the way you work.


Combining our knowledge of the HR domain with our knowledge of the Workday HR solutions and applying to specific client requirements enables us to deliver solutions that empower the workforce and enhance productivity.

As a company specializing in Human Capital Management, we have in-depth knowledge of several technologies in our partner product:

Workday Human Capital Management
Designed to adapt as your organization evolves, Workday Human Resource and Talent Management applications help you organize, staff, pay, and develop your global workforce.

Workday Big Data Analytics
Workday Big Data Analytics allows you to easily tap structured and unstructured data sources and combine them with Workday data to gain new business insights.

 Workday Integration Cloud
Applications can’t survive in a silo. They need to talk to and exchange data with other applications. That’s why Workday makes it easy to build, deploy, and maintain integrations.

• Workday Student
Designed for today’s mobile generation, Workday Student is the first true cloud application for higher education.