HRMS eLeave is a 100% Leave Management System that is built on PeopleTools technology.

HRMS eLeave is designed to allow organizations to plan and manage employees’ leave within a single, configurable rules-based application.

It provides the flexibility when defining entitlement and eligibility rules around leave accruals and taking leave by your organization’s unique policies. By having a single instance for all leave related data, you can accurately analyze the impact of leaves and identify the leave trends in your organization.

As an extension to PeopleSoft HCM, HRMS eLeave will integrate employee data and Benefit Program which helps HR to easily manage employee’s leave eligibility in a single application.

The integration to Global Payroll will be available for HR to define any Earning/Deduction to be used by any Leave Type via PeopleSoft Global Payroll. This integration enables organizations to automate the processes for planning and compensating paid and unpaid time off.

 -Workforce Administration to provide Employee Data, Job Data, Employment Data & Dependent Data for the integration.

– Work Schedule and Holiday Schedule for the Leave Application validation

– Employee’s Benefit Program participation to define employee’s leave eligibility.