Our Application Support Team is committed to:

– Outstanding Support Service

– 100% SLA Compliance

– Warranty and Quality

– Quality and Warranty

– Quality Infrastructure Services

The mission of the AMS team is to provide effective resolution to daily incidents, enhance the usability of the application and to provide quality infrastructure support for the Enterprise.

 To ensure the quality of our services we provide a Customer oriented Single Point Contact.

HRMS Consulting  will help you with:
– Application Maintenance and Support Services with SLA compliance.
– Development and maintenance of Quality Assurance standards and processes (perform Q/A check and ensure supportability of projects deliveries).
– Project QA and Warranty Support.
– Change Request.
– Bundle and Patch Management.
– Release Management.
– Server Maintenance.
– Database administration.
– System monitoring and tuning.
– Server and database patches.
– On-site and Remote support.